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Forex Crash Course (FCC) is your prime source for forex training. FCC are industry leaders in providing foreign currency exchange (FX) training to ambitious individuals around the world.

We have been engaged with foreign currency exchange for several years, trading independently as well as training numerous ambitious individuals to successfully trade the forex market. We take you by the hand showing you how to gain instant access and how to profit from the global currency market online.

We provide an unmatched training course to highly determined individuals who want to become a part of the world's largest financial market. Our experienced traders equip you with the essential skills, valuable knowledge and exceptional abilities in order to start your career and become a successful trader. With the aid of our services, beginners can efficiently master the forex market.


The History:

Back in 2009 when U Jamil, the founder of FCC was still at university, he was introduced to forex trading through a random blog. Like the majority of new traders he too was confused at the first glance of a brokers platform. Nevertheless, with no understanding of what to do, he placed a trade with the virtual $100 only to wake up the next morning to find a gain of over $1500.

The realization of the huge potential to earn from forex sprung into action. He dedicated his time to study the forex market thoroughly, and two years later began a successful career as an independent trader. With the demand for training increasing from fellow traders he decided to produce a course, a course like no other which condensed everything he had learnt in those two years into a compact video.

FCC was founded in 2011 as a solution for new traders to rapidly gain knowledge about the forex market as well as for existing traders to improve their trading strategy.


The Present:
Today, FCC has a continuously growing customer base on a global scale covering all seven continents. What started out as a bedroom project has quickly grasped international attention and reached out to all four corners of the world.

The industry leading training course has propelled FCC as a serious competitor in the forex training industry. There is quite simply nothing like our course available on the market. The course speaks for itself so why not begin your first investment by spending the next 60 minutes watching our course.

As of early 2014 FCC have now also launched their trade signal service. This new service has become a
 wealth of opportunity for new and former students to gain an insight towards potential trades, market news and how professional traders at FCC predict price movement. View the trades page for more details.


The Future:
FCC shall continue to abide by their objective of providing innovative solutions through continuous development of their services. We shall progress as a growth orientated company which is constantly considering new and exciting services for our customers.

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