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The course is one complete video covering the basic, intermediate and advance level training. View the course breakdown below to see what you will be learning within the next 60 minutes.


What is forex?

Why trade forex?

Who trades forex?

When/When not to trade forex?

Forex Terminology:

Base currency, Quote currency, Bid rate, Ask rate, Spread, Long positions, Short positions, Bulls, Bears, Bearish bar, Bullish bar, Pip, Pipette.

How to make a profit in forex:

Leverage, Margin, Pip cost.

Forex Lot Sizes:

Mini lot, Micro lot, Standard lot.

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

Types of Orders:

Market order, Pending order, Stop loss, Take profit, Trailing stop loss.

Types of Charts:

Line chart, Bar chart, Candle stick chart.

Analyzing Forex Charts:

Support level, Resistance level, Horizontal trend lines, Diagonol trend lines, Rising channel, Falling channel.

Candle Stick Patterns - How to trade them:

Doji, Hammer, Hanging man, Inverted hammer, Shooting star, Tweezer tops, Tweezer bottoms, Bullish engulfing, Bearish engulfing, Morning star, Evening star.

Chart Patterns - How to trade them:

Double tops, Double bottoms, Head and shoulders, Inverted head and shoulders, Rising wedges, Falling wedges, Symmetrical triangles, Ascending triangles, Descending triangles.

Chart Indicators - How to trade them:

Moving averages, Parabolic SAR, MACD, Stochastics.

Pivot Points - Fibonacci

Fibonacci Retracements

Fibonacci Extensions

Elliot Wave Theory:

Impulse wave, Corrective Wave, Zig Zags, Triangles, Flats.

Risk Management:

2:1 Risk reward ratio, Stop losses, Leverage.

Money Management

Position size, Account balance %.

Currency Strength Meter

Strong currency vs Weak currency.

Cuztomized MT4 Indicators:

Fibonacci support and resistance,
1 x Daily indicator,1 x Weekly indicator.

Currency Heat Map

Currency volatility, Liquidity.

Live Trading News

Multiple Analysis

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Fantastic video, very good for all Forex traders, very informative D. Brown (England)
Excellent video for I have come across so far! A. Smith (USA)
Good information on Forex course, thanks allot, lots to learn S. Hembling (England)
If you want to learn about Forex trading, this is great! M. Leslie (Australia)
Fantastic video, learnt so much in the hour, great value for money H. Singh (India)


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