Foreign Currency Exchange Forex (FX) Training

Extensive Information vs Intensive Period:

Many new beginners face complex applications, endless data and illegible charts that often portray the foreign exchange market as…foreign. However at FCC our unique training style eliminates the problematic jargon giving you valuable information through easy to understand and visually friendly material.

Our training course ensures you receive the most effective learning experience available on the market. Our course is designed for those who have busy schedules and do not have the time to study or research into the forex market. The 60 minute course is specially designed to provide tones of information in a short space of time.

The Package:

A fully comprehensive training course lasting for 60 minutes covering: basic, intermediate and advance level training with 8 trading strategies namely:

1) Moving averages
2) Stochastics
3) Parabolic SAR
5) Fibonacci extensions and retracements
6) Elliot waves
7) Pivot points
8) Currency strength meter strategy

Included is a complimentary bonus pack consisting of:

1) Customized indicators - Supplied for the use on MetaTrader platforms
2) Currency strength meter - Monitor the strength of your currency against others to dictate a suitable trade
3) Currency heat map - View the status of the most and least volatile currencies
4) Live trading news - Analyze currencies performance based on current, upcoming and previous news releases.

By implementing cost-cutting solutions that reduce our operating costs we are able to provide our course at a highly competitive price. There are no hidden charges, membership charges or subscription fees.

Head over to the course page to watch our industry leading training course.

Additional Services:

As well as the highly beneficial trading guide, FCC have launched their trade signal service in 2014. From time to time our experienced traders will post the latest trading opportunity on our social media profiles. Students can use this service to further enhance their knowledge by understanding how the minds of our experienced traders work and how they read a chart.

Get connected on our social media networks to receive alerts on the latest trading opportunities and exciting news discovered by our professional traders. Get involved on the discussions and post your views on particular trade opportunities.


Any Guarantees?

Every professional FX trader acknowledges there is no guarantee in the FX market. You should steer clear from promotions such as ‘guaranteed profits’ and ‘instant gains’. At FCC we provide nothing but honest valuable information and proven strategies. Learning from our experience saves you time, money and effort.
Training with FCC shortens your learning curve and assists you to start your career as a FX trader effectively.




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