Foreign Currency Exchange Forex (FX) Training

Forex vs NYSE:

Forex is the largest and by far the most popular financial market in the world, which is traded by vast number of individuals, organizations and major banks. The second largest financial market namely New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) averages a daily trade volume of $74 billion which is no match for the daily trade volume of the forex market at an astonishing $4,000,000,000,000.

This $4 trillion market provides real time access and superb liquidity of the global currency exchange as there is always someone ready to buy/sell a currency to/from you, permitting you to place trades instantly. Forex is not limited to a rising market, you can also profit from a falling market.

Initial Investment:

Large capital or large investments are not required. In fact you can join millions of other traders from as little as $25 and open trades from $2.5. Many Forex service providers offer generous leverage, typically x400 converting your $25 to 10,000 units of tradable currency.

The Currencies:

There are numerous currencies available to trade on a forex platform. A few have been listed below which can be cross traded with one another.

EUR (Euro)

GBP (Great British Pound)

USD (US Dollar)

NZD (New Zealand Dollar)

AUD (Australian Dollar)

JPY (Japanese Yen)

CHF (Swiss Franc)

CAD (Canadian Dollar)

HKD( Hong Kong Dollar)

SGB (Singapore Dollar)

MXN (Mexican Peso)

TRY (Turkish Lira)

DKK (Danish Krone)

NOK (Norwegian Krone)

SEK (Swedish Krona)

On a forex platform you are not only limited to currencies. The majority of broker trading platforms include commodities such as gold, silver and oil which are also tradable. Also some brokers extend to stocks, allowing you to diversify your portfolio of trades.

When/Where Can I Trade?

Access to the forex market is available from the comfort of your own home, empowering you to trade instantly from anywhere on a 24-hour market. Demo accounts are available with live rates and virtual money enabling you to master your skills prior to real investment. You do not require previous experience, just sheer enthusiasm and the dedication to learn is necessary. The FX market can be traded whether you are employed full-time or part-time, giving you financial independence and allowing you to be your own boss.




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